Artist Spotlight: Going Places 2, Etsy

Art is designed to stimulate emotions, and at Crittr HQ, we like art that makes us smile. And considering how happy our pets make us, it's no wonder we tend to opt for art featuring models that are furry and have four legs. One of our favorite places to look for animal-themed art is Etsy, and when we stumbled across the Going Places 2 shop, we knew we had to share. From whimsical outlines of different types of dogs to inspirational and clever sayings, we found loads of artwork that got us grinning. And a few that might've made our eyes mist over. Just a little.

Whether you're looking for a magnet featuring a Mastiff, a Newfie on a notecard, or a print of a Pointer, this is the place to look. There are even a couple of kitty prints for the feline fans out there. Oh, and if you don't find just what you're looking for, contact seller Ginger Oliphant; custom orders are welcomed.

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