Artist Spotlight: Peskimo, Etsy

peskimo art
Peskimo, Etsy

We've all heard the saying, "Life imitates art," and never is that more true than with something like this great "Cat Naps" print from the Peskimo Etsy shop. (Seriously. Our cat has hit each of those positions already today!) If sleeping kitties doesn't quite jive with your decor, no worries. Peskimo has plenty of animal art available, like friendly lions, tropical fish, wise owls and a very jaunty French crocodile who enjoys cheesy sandwiches. Who can blame him? Everybody loves cheesy sandwiches.

We love the hip colors and cheeky style of Peskimo; we even found ourselves checking out some of the non-animal art in the shop, which hardly ever happens! Don't tell our pets, OK?

If you'd like to learn more about Peskimo and stay up to date on their newest offerings, be sure to check out their website as well.

Cat Naps is $48.50 at Peskimo.

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