Awesome Animal Nail Art

black cat nail art
Janchristie Designer Nail Art
That's one fashionable feline.

Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves; we prefer to show our devotion in a slightly more fashionable way, on our nails. And Janchristie has just the thing: animal nail art! Whether you're partial to Pugs or are tenderhearted toward tabbies, there's a design that will take your love of pets from practical to posh. The designs don't end with dogs and cats, though; you can also find horses, birds, wildlife (British and otherwise) and more.

If the idea of nail art intimidates you, don't worry — these masterpieces are created using stickers, which makes the process simple. The Janchristie Designer Nail Art site has a video, along with a few written tips, showing you how to successfully apply the stickers to get the best look. Even if you have a bit of a mishap, it's no big deal — each order includes enough stickers for two complete sets, plus a few more in case of a nail art emergency.

The nail art is listed at £1.80 (so about $2.79 USD). Our fashionable friends at Catsparella recently ordered three sheets and paid around $11 USD with shipping. We're kind of partial to these Black Cat Body Silhouette stickers, but let us know in the comments which design is your favorite.

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