Baby Baird’s Tapir Born in Boston

Baby bairds tapir at Franklin Park Zoo
Franklin Park Zoo
A baby Baird's tapir gets a nuzzle from mom at the Franklin Park Zoo.

With a nose that wiggles around just like mom’s, an endangered Baird’s tapir was born at the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston last month.

After a 13-month wait, 9-year-old mom Abby and 24-year-old dad Milton welcomed their third offspring on June 18 — a 23-pound baby girl.

"The baby has been nursing, walking and following its mother, which are all very good signs,” said Dr. Eric Baitchman, Zoo New England’s director of veterinary services. “As with any new birth, we are carefully monitoring the health of the new calf and the mother."

The zoo was particularly happy that the baby is a female, because “the sex ratio within the captive population is biased toward males; the birth of a female is extremely significant and something to really celebrate," said John Linehan, the zoo’s president and CEO.

Baird’s tapirs are born with white stripes and spots to help camouflage them in the rainforest’s spotted light. But those markings begin to disappear when they reach 5 to 6 months of age.


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