Baby Colobus Monkey Cuddles With Mom

Colobus monkey baby
Courtesy of the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo

Congratulations are in order! Finnigan and first-time mother Jibini are the proud parents of Kaasidy, a female colobus (pronounced KAHL-uh-bus) monkey who was born September 25 at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo in Indiana.

The newborn and her mom have been spending some quality time together, with Jibini toting her little one around on her belly. But in a few weeks, Kaasidy will start to go off on her own. With those gorgeous eyes, we're sure this tiny monkey will get away with everything.

In two to three months, Kaasidy's fur will start to develop the species' distinct black coat and shaggy white collar. So you better book your ticket to Fort Wayne soon, because before you know it, this cutie will be all grown up!

Colobus monkeys are native to the equatorial forests of Africa. According to the zoo, they like to hang out in trees and eat fruits, leaves and other vegetation.


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