Baby Kangaroo and Wombat Are Pocket Pals

Joey and wombat friends
Rob Leeson/Newspix/Rex/Rex USA

Many best friends need their own personal space every now and then, but not Anzac the little orphaned kangaroo and Peggy the baby wombat. The unlikely marsupial pair bonded after sharing the same man-made pouch at the Wild About Wildlife Kilmore Rescue Centre in Victoria, Australia and are now are inseparable besties. The unusual friendship began when 5-month-old Anzac needed a pal after he lost his mother in a car accident, reports Today. Staff at the rescue center paired him up with Peggy, who also lost her mother in a car accident.

Having been through such tough circumstances, the two deserve some love and care. Staff member Lisa Milligan says the adorable duo finds comfort in each other's movements and listening to each other's heart beats.

Can you think of a better reason to cuddle?


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