Baby Orca Swims Into SeaWorld’s Shamu Stadium

shamu in the water
Mike Aguilera, SeaWorld San Diego

After nearly 18 months of pregnancy, SeaWorld San Diego’s killer whale Kasatka gave birth to a healthy calf on Valentine’s Day.

And the calf is not exactly a tiny little baby.

The calf weighs an estimated 300 to 350 pounds, and is 6 to 7 feet long, according to the aquarium’s blog. Keepers are monitoring the newborn’s nursing and breathing 24/7, but haven’t yet determined its gender.

Seconds after its birth, the baby killer whale instinctively swam to the surface for a breath of air before heading back to mom’s side. That would’ve been a sight to see!

At age 37, Kasatka is an experienced mom. This is her fourth offspring, following Takara, Nakai and Kalia.

The baby joins a family of 10 other killer whales at SeaWorld San Diego.


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