Baby the Pit Bull's Day at Crittr Headquarters

Baby the Pit Bull in the car
Andrea Serio for Vetstreet

It’s Take Your Dog to Work Day, but we were so excited about the annual holiday that we decided to celebrate a day early. Yesterday, our furry coworker, Baby the Pit Bull, joined us in the office after a traffic-filled commute to watch us tap on our keyboards, gossip around the water cooler and debate the cuteness of a baby monkey. To commemorate this special holiday, we kept a photo diary of Baby’s day at Crittr headquarters. What did we collectively learn from the experience? She naps a lot more than we do.

8 a.m. Off to Work

Baby hops in the car to head to the office. She loves the car! And her owner keeps complaining about traffic which means, oh, hooray, she can spend more time curled up in the backseat doing was she does best — napping.

9 a.m. Baby Has Entered the Building

After a quick ride on the elevator (Baby isn’t sure what those buttons are all about), our four-legged coworker arrives at Crittr and is greeted by a group of enthusiastic humans who exclaim that they’ve been anticipating her arrival all morning. Baby is showered with praise and treats. She loves going to work!

Baby on the couch
Andrea Serio for Vetstreet

10:45 a.m. All Work and No Play Makes Baby… Tired

With all of her human coworkers in meetings, on the phone or furiously trying to meet deadlines, Baby decides that the couch is the perfect spot for her to catch a little shut-eye.

Baby the Pit Bull walks to lunch
Andrea Serio for Vetstreet

12 p.m. Lunch Break!

Baby jumps in the awesome elevator again and heads downtown with her fellow coworkers. Her presence on the street draws admiring looks and friendly greetings from passersby. She could get used to this.

Baby the Pit Bull and laptop
Andrea Serio for Vetstreet

2:30 p.m. Time to Help Out the Humans

More meetings, more deadlines… Baby takes it upon herself to lend a paw and help her colleagues get some work done.

Baby the Pit Bull at the fountain
Andrea Serio for Vetstreet

4:15 p.m. We Have to Get Out of the Office

It’s a bright, sunny day, so the Crittr crew heads to the fountain to cool off for a few minutes. Baby is the only one who's brave enough to actually play in the water.

Baby the Pit Bull leaves the office
Andrea Serio for Vetstreet

5 p.m. Time to Go Home

Baby’s owner packs up their things, and the pair says goodbye to the rest of the staff. The Pit Bull manages to snag a few more treats on her way out of the building, and feels like she accomplished a lot and was quite productive! She hopes she can come in on Saturday and Sunday and, well, every day. Work is fun!


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