Baby Wallaby Completes Marsupial Trio

Courtesy of Wild About Wildlife

Back in August, we told you all about two unlikely best pals, Peggy the wombat and Anzac the kangaroo. The two cute critters had both been orphaned and have been cared for by the Wild About Wildlife Rescue Center in Australia.

Now, the best pals have welcomed a new animal into the fold, reports ZooBorns. Meet Cupcake, an adorable 5-month-old baby wallaby, who, like her two new friends, lost her mother to a car accident. Because these marsupials were just babies when they were rescued, they are often swaddled in blankets to help recreate the feeling of their mother's pouch.

According to ZooBorns, Wild About Wildlife founder Alistair Brown says Cupcake has become quite the active member of their furry family. "When you are looking for her, you don't bother looking on the floor, you look up to see what piece of furniture she is about to launch herself from."

And you thought your puppy was a handful!

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