Bad Weather Blues: How to Keep You and Your Dog From Going Stir Crazy

4. Get Involved in Animal-Assisted Activities

Who’s a good boy? Your dog — when you get him certified to participate in such animal-assisted activities as visiting the elderly at nursing homes or playing with kids living in long-term care facilities.

To learn more about getting involved in animal-assisted activities, read the Vetstreet article "The Making of a Therapy Dog" or visit Therapy Dogs International or Pet Partners. Bonus: It will do your heart some good, too.

5. Schedule Some Yappy Time

Let’s face it. Sometimes you just need to chill, but that doesn’t mean you have to sequester yourself on the couch with a pint of gelato.

For a low-impact adventure (for you, that is), consider teaming up with fellow dog owners to host rotating, at-home play dates. Or call a doggy daycare in your area to see if they host regular yappy hours, when dogs can let loose in a large play area while their parents sit back with a latte and watch.

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