Bear Cub Mysteriously Found Dead in Central Park

Central Park Bear Cub
Associated Press
Florence Slatkin, with her dog Paco, points to the spot where she and a friend discovered a dead bear cub Monday in New York's Central Park.

Officials in New York are trying to figure out how a black bear cub believed to be less than a year old wound up dead in the city’s Central Park. The female cub’s body was found Monday morning by Florence Slatkin, 79, and her Chihuahua mix, who were out for a walk. Police are unsure how the cub got to the park and whether she was alive when she arrived there. While black bears don’t live in the park, their populations have grown in recent years around the city, particularly in New Jersey. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s wildlife pathology unit was working to determine the cub’s cause of death. — Read it at The New York Times

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