Bee Stings 101: How to Help Your Pet

How to Make Your Garden Less Attractive to Bees

Fruit, vegetable and flower gardens need the pollinating power of bees, but there are steps you can take to lessen the chance that your pet will have a painful encounter with one of these winged creatures.

For starters, you can cordon off plants that beckon bees with border fencing that will keep pets at a distance.

California-based master gardener Judy Macomber also recommends planting jasmine — the flowers bloom at night — and zinnias, which attract butterflies more than bees. Or consider crimson-hued roses — bees appear not to be as drawn to the color red.

“When walking your dog on a leash," Macomber adds, "try to keep him off ground cover with flowers because the chances are good that bees will be busy pollinating.”

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