BG the Badger Tweets “Live”

We have a new favorite in our Twitter feeds: BG the honey badger.

When the Johannesburg Zoo in South Africa decided it needed a social media manager but didn’t have a big budget, they decided to “promote from within,” according to a YouTube video released by the zoo.

The perfect “spokesanimal”? Their resident honey badger, who has a lot to say — and a little attitude to say it with.

And using some sophisticated technology, BG is triggering his own tweets.

Specially designed sensors in the badger’s enclosure send prewritten tweets from his account, @zootweetslive, that correspond with what he’s really doing at the time — eating dinner, snapping a “selfie,” climbing on his jungle gym, commenting on his visitors and keepers. “I can smell you had bacon for dinner man,” he Tweeted recently.

“Boy, is BG an oversharer,” says the narrator in the zoo’s video about the badger. “He’s totally taking over the Twittersphere.”


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