Bird Paper Clips Carry Your Mess Away

paper clips
Credit: Crate&Barrel

Some people consider shopping for office supplies a chore, but not us. We look at it as an opportunity to expand our creativity and showcase our personal style (and, naturally, our love of animals). If you think an hour spent browsing the various pen options is just barely enough time to really know what's available, let's just say you're in good company. It took us a lot less than an hour to fall for these sweet bird paper clips from Crate&Barrel, though. The set of six birds in flight is takes up very little room but still makes a big impact. Why everyone hasn't already flocked to the store to pick these up for themselves is beyond us!

Organization with a sense of whimsy and style? We're so on board with that.

Set of 6 Bird Paper Clips, $2.95 at Crate&Barrel

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