Blind Girl Reunited With Stolen Therapy Dog

A blind 5-year-old girl with cerebral palsy awoke to a heartwarming gift on Thursday: the return of her therapy dog, Millie.

Two weeks ago, a white car pulled up to Andrea Taylor's home in Hutchinson, Kan., and plucked Millie from the front yard. The Pit Bull has been little Andrea's therapy dog since early March. Her mother told KSN 3 News that Andrea spent many nights awake, crying for her dog and staring out the window, waiting for her to return.

Andrea's wish finally came true around 4 a.m. Thursday, when her father woke up and heard the dog on the front porch. Millie had suffered some scrapes and scabs, but the family says the Pit Bull is happy to be home.

"She went right to Andrea's bed, put her paw up on the bed, and sat there and was trying to wait for her to wake up," mother Lana Taylor told KSN 3.

We're thrilled that these two have been reunited. Check out their delighted smiles in this adorable video of Andrea and Millie.


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