Blue Whale Surprises Reporter on Live TV

A reporter for the U.K.’s BBC One got very excited when a massive blue whale appeared in his live shot while he was interviewing an expert aboard a boat in Monterey Bay's National Marine Sanctuary in California Monday. The surprised reporter, Steve Backshall, interrupted whale expert Dorris Welch as soon as he heard about the whale’s presence. “Oh, I’m so, so sorry! I don’t believe I’ve just heard — this is incredible — I’ve heard word that we have on our helicopter [camera] a blue whale! It is to the south of us absolutely clearly, I can see it now, the largest animal ever to have lived on our planet,” Backshall exclaimed. He went on to enthusiastically describe the endangered whales’ plight and the efforts to help them recover. — Learn more at NBC Washington

The moment we spotted a blue whale - LIVE!GROUNDBREAKING TV MOMENT! Steve Backshall is interrupted by a blue whale live on BBC One for BBC Big Blue Live. During an interview with whale expert Dorris Welch, Steve has to intervene and cut live to a BLUE WHALE!

Posted by BBC Earth on Monday, August 31, 2015


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