Bridesmaid Jumps Into Lake to Save Drowning Gosling

Usually, when a member of a wedding party winds up in a body of water, it’s accidental. But while at a photo shoot for a wedding in the U.K., one of the bridesmaids waded right into a lake to save a gosling who was being attacked by a large black swan. The bridesmaid, Faye West, returned the gosling to its parents. "As she came to shore and returned the shaken little gosling, everyone cheered and we continued on with the portraits — not before the two geese let out two mighty honks of appreciation though!" said the photographer, Rosie Hardy. She shared the photos on Facebook, writing "Faith in humanity: restored. What a hero!" In a comment on the photos, West said she went back to check on the gosling the next day, and it was doing well. — See photos at Los Angeles' ABC 7


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