Brookfield Zoo Celebrates New Year With Baby Seal’s Birth

A grey seal pup was born at the Brookfield Zoo on New Year's Day.
Brookfield Zoo

"Who’s the cutest? Oh, me? Aww, shucks." This fluffy white baby is actually a grey seal pup who was born at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago on New Year’s Day to 10-year-old mom Lily.

His long white fur, called lanugo, will soon start to molt and be replaced by shorter, stiffer hair that’s similar to that of adult seals.

The pup weighed 25 pounds at birth, and the zoo says he’s “growing by leaps and bounds.”

The baby and his mom remain off exhibit and are continuing to bond well. He now has access to a small, shallow pool to help him get acclimated to the water. Apparently, he’s shown interest in it already.

Don’t miss the video of this sweet little guy below.


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