Brother Bear Cubs Need Names

Two male Andean bear cubs were born at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., in November to 8-year-old mom Billie Jean and 21-year-old dad Cisco. Now, they’re ready to be named, and the zoo is asking the public to weigh in. They’ve come up with three choices for each cub in Quechua and Aymara, the languages of the indigenous communities in the Andes region, which is the bears’ the native habitat. Cub #1 is “rambunctious and seems to need Mom's attention a bit more than his brother.” The choices for his name are Larusiri (lah-roo-SEE-ree), which means "giggly," Mayni (MY-nee), which means "unique," or Kusisqa (coo-SEES-kah), meaning "happy.” Cub #2 is “playful and likes to wrestle but is more laid back” than his brother. The choices for his name are Tusuq (too-SOOK), which means "dancer,” Muniri (moo-NEE-ree), which means "loving" or Wayna (WHY-nah), meaning "young." — Vote at the National Zoo


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