Bull's-Eye Tortoise Sweaters Hit Their Mark

Tortoise Yard Finder
Credit: Mossy Tortoise, Etsy

Don’t you just hate it when your tortoise gets lost in the yard? Fortunately, Etsy crochet pro Katie Bradley has a solution. Her adorable tortoise yard finder fits snugly around your shelled buddy’s midsection, so it’s easy to find him as he enjoys a nice stroll in the grass. It’s much more chic than ordinary blue tape or other common tortoise markers, and it’s slightly stretchy to accommodate growing turtles.

(Tortoise yard finders are for outdoor fun only, and should not be used near basking lamps or on aquatic turtles.)

Bradley approaches her work with charity in mind —10 percent of all her Etsy shop sales are donated to International Reptile Rescue, so be sure to pick up a few!

Tortoise/Turtle Yard Finder, $15 on Etsy.


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