Canadian Airline Cat-Sits for Evacuee in Labor

Last week, we told you the heartwarming story of how airlines in Canada were flying residents and their pets to safety after they were evacuated from the wildfire in Fort McMurray. Now, another sweet story from those evacuations has emerged. While Krystal Scott and her family were being evacuated on a Canadian North flight, Scott started having labor pains. So, the airline’s flight operations team offered to take care of the family’s cat, Meow Meow. Meow Meow stayed with the staff at a Canadian North office for a few days, where she got her own employee badge, sat at a desk and helped make coffee — all while becoming an Internet celebrity when the airline shared photos of her on social media. Scott hasn’t yet had the baby but her family was able to settle into life in Calgary while Meow Meow spent time in the office, and they have now been reunited. “I’m pregnant and due any moment,” said Scott. “The airline was amazing. We were so overwhelmed by their kindness.” — See photos at Buzzfeed


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