Cat Always Meow to Go Out? 6 Ways to Stop It

Provide an enriching indoor environment. There are several simple ways to do this. Dr. Sung recommends puzzle toys and bowls, where the cat has to use mental and physical energy to work to get his food. She also suggests creating vertical relaxation spaces with a view. “Provide a bed or perch by the window to allow the cat to look out.” Having a variety of vantage points and climbing structures throughout the home can also help to keep your cat occupied. Small changes in your cat’s environment help, too: Rotate interesting toys to keep him busy and make cat grasses available for him to graze on.

Make outdoor excursions safe. If possible, Dr. Sung says cat owners can “build a catio or purchase a window box.” Ether option allows the cat to experience the outdoors without being at risk of encountering predators or cars — or getting lost. No matter your solution, small amounts of time outside in a protected cat area may make for a more content indoor kitty.

Teach your cat some new tricks. Keep your cat busy with daily training sessions. Dr. Sung recommends clicker training, which can be used to teach a variety of useful behaviors, including sit, touch and go to a spot. In addition, you can train your cat to do fun things like high-five or turn in a circle. Designate time each day for training and reward him for his successes. This can help keep your cat happier indoors — and help put a stop to his meowing.

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