Cat and Dog Plot Their Escape

Leave it to a clever cat to spring his canine companion from a locked room.

Each day, Matt Hirst would leave his cat, Dexter, and dog, Gizmo, in one room of his house to keep them out of mischief while he was at work.

But inevitably, he’d come home to find them enjoying their freedom, roaming all over the house.

At first he thought maybe he’d forgotten to close the door when he put them in the room, or maybe someone was breaking in and opening the door for them, reports the New York Daily News.

But he had his suspicions about Dexter.

Finally, he decided to set up a camera to be a fly on the wall and see what exactly was going on.

That’s when he discovered that his sneaky cat had learned to use his climbing structure to reach the doorknob, freeing a grateful Gizmo — and himself.

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