Cat Discovered Alive in the Rubble of Deadly Kentucky Tornado

A deadly tornado tore through Marilyn Walden's Henryville, Ky., home this week, flinging a window frame across her living room and collapsing most of the bedroom ceiling onto the mattress below. Walden was at work when the tornado hit, but her 5-year-old cat, Bear, was at home alone.

Stepping cautiously through what's left of her home, Walden and two friends look hopefully for Bear. Their search is captured on video by The Weather Channel.

"Bear, Bear," Walden calls sweetly.

Fortunately, in a disaster that produced tragically few happy endings, this is one of them: Walden finds Bear, dirtied with dust and debris, safe under the bed. We dare you not to tear up as you watch Walden's reunion with her cat.

On second thought, just get yourself a tissue before you watch the video.


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