Cat Freed From Pipe in 8-Hour Rescue

Fire crews and local businesses spent a full day working on a high-tech rescue of a cat stuck in a water pipe Tuesday in Miami. Officials dropped cameras down to view the cat, and tried several methods to attempt to save him. Eventually, they were able to use a cord to pull him to safety. "If he hasn't used up eight and a half of his nine lives I will be shocked," said Lt. Linda Wood, with Miami-Dade Fire Rescue's venom unit. Miami Fire Captain Nicholas Wohl had high praise for the cat’s rescuers. "[They are] incredible individuals. [They] just worked feverishly, nonstop. One gentleman laid on his back for approximately six hours without a break,” Wohl said. The cat was rushed to a local animal clinic, and he’s doing fine. — Read it Florida’s Local 10

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