Cat Gets Voter Registration Forms in the Mail

Scampers’ owner isn’t sure whether he’s a “Democat” or a “Republicat.”

Ursula Angeles didn’t get upset when her fluffy orange cat got voter registration forms in the mail at their Virginia Beach, Va., home — complete with his name pre-printed on them, reported WAVY.

Instead, she handed Scampers a Hello Kitty pencil, put a photo of the form on Facebook and let the jokes begin.

"Some said Republicat, some said Democat, and I thought, well he would have voted for Paw-lenty if he would have stayed in the race," Angeles said.

The paperwork came to Scampers courtesy of the Voter Participation Center, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit that encourages people to register.

The group is equal opportunity — just the day before, WAVY reported that a dog got an application the mail from the same organization.

VPC told WAVY that it buys the names on its mailing list from commercial databases, so pet names can end up on the list if they’ve been signed up for something. Local election officials are then expected to ensure that the voter registration forms aren’t fraudulent.

The group has been responding to criticism about sending the application to pets, even creating this video with a dog talking about a cat getting one in the mail.

“If you even tried to vote, election officials would get you,” he tells his fellow pet. “Here’s my advice: Get more people to the polls, and don’t sweat the pets.”


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