Cat Sold With Mattress Now Back at Home

Roy Dufek of Portland, Oregon, sold his girlfriend’s mattress on Dec. 17 without realizing her 5-year-old cat, Camo, was hiding inside the box spring. They believe the cat hopped out when the mattress’s new owner was bringing it into his home. After the cat was spotted near the Hillsboro Airport, Dufek’s girlfriend, Hayley Crews, set out a trap in the area with sardines in oil and familiar scented clothing. He wandered into the trap Saturday night, and is now back home after a trip to the vet. He suffered from a cut lip and a bleeding paw and lost some weight, but was otherwise OK after his 10-day adventure. “It was quite emotional last night; we’re in shock of this whole experience, and have been holding him tight!” Dufek said in a statement. — Read it from the AP via The Seattle Times


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