Cats Looking Out the Window at Rain

cat looking at rain
What's he thinking? You'll find out soon enough.

Since some of us at Crittr have been dealing with some pesky hurricane-type conditions, we thought the timing was perfect for sharing a Tumblr we found via Laughing SquidCats Looking out the Window at Rain. The pictures are pretty, sure, but the clever (and sometimes slightly dark) commentary is why we can't stop clicking. It's an all-too-rare look into the workings of the feline mind, giving us an idea of what they're really thinking about when they stare out the window. Sometimes they're just watching the squirrels, but is that all? Of course not.

Sometimes, they're thinking about whether they'll ever have to eat your face to survive, or whether those liver flavored treats are actually treats, or why they can't keep themselves from attacking the bird you dangle from a string with such enthusiasm even though they know it's not real. The fact of the matter is, whatever they're thinking about, we want to read all about it.

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