Cattino Lets Kitty Nap and Scratch in Style

Cattino Cat Scratcher
Credit: Cattino, Etsy

Tired of the standard boxy, carpet-covered cat tree? Does your feline demand the utmost in contemporary design? Not to worry — Cincinnati-based Cattino has you covered. Design guru Nathan Workman, in partnership with his furry consultant “Miss Trudy,” painstakingly tested the Cattino concept over several incarnations. Finally they arrived at today’s striking product, which features a cool birch wood kitty design, stylish fabric patterns for its two “hammocks,” and a sturdy scratching pad to boot.

Cattino is easy to assemble in the home, and, through Workman’s Etsy site, you can order more scratching pads plus a variety of hammock patterns, just in case your cat’s distinguished taste changes. Not that a cat's ever been known to be finnicky.

Cattino Cat Scratcher, $149 on Etsy.


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