Celebrate Hug Your Cat Day!

Today is Hug Your Cat Day, and we're going to celebrate... whether our cats like it or not! Make sure you give your favorite feline a gentle cuddle today, so she knows how much you appreciate her. And check out this gallery of some our favorite cuddly kitty pictures.

Hug Your Cat Today

Hugging a cat

Belle the cat looks like she's really enjoying this hug. Or at least is graciously tolerating it.

Hugging a cat

Don’t you wish your cat would hug you like that?

Hugging a cat

Sure, the cat has a "What the ..." look on his face, but the little boy couldn't be happier.

Hugging a cat

What could be better than having a little breakfast and a little cuddle.

Man hugging cat

Look at those eyes! This feline and his human look alike, don't they?

Hugging a cat

While he hasn’t quite mastered the art of the right way to hold a cat, this tot and kitten combo is simply precious.

Hugging a cat

These sweet kitties don't even need any humans to celebrate Hug Your Cat Day!

Hugging a cat

You can tell this diaper-clad cutie is going to grow up to be an animal lover.

Dog hugging cat

Someone needs to tell this big pooch that it's Hug Your Cat Day, not Squash Your Cat Day. But we are betting the kitty crawled up in there herself.

Girl hugging cat

We think this is a very sweet cuddle, but the cat looks like she's thinking about making a run for it.

Hugging a cat

This cute picture is what we have to call a Hug Your Cat Day DON'T. But we will assume that no one was harmed during this outrageously adorable show of affection.


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