Celebrating Animals: August

At first glance, many of August’s pet- and animal-related holidays might seem predictable enough, though no less important. But August does feature some unexpected curveballs lobbed from faraway lands. Click through our gallery to see what wild and wonderful animals we’re celebrating this month.

6 Animal Holidays to Enjoy This Month

two cats in a cage

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Adopt a Homeless Pet Month

The National Humane Education Society formally dedicated Aug. 17 as National Homeless Animals Day. At some point, this effort expanded to include the entire month of August — and for good reason. Hundreds of thousands of animals are in need of forever homes. Visit a local shelter to learn more about adoption opportunities and how you can save the life of a homeless critter.

black lab next to a wheelchair

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International Assistance Dog Week – Aug. 4–10

Assistance dogs provide vital services for thousands of individuals living with a disability. Marcie Davis, the Santa Fe, N.M.–based CEO of Davis Innovations—and a paraplegic for more than 35 years—established the observance to honor the hardworking canines and trainers who dedicate their lives in service of others.

dog with head in filing cabinet

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Work Like a Dog Day – Aug. 5

This observance invites us to find solidarity with our canine brothers and sisters. Work Like a Dog Day is a nod to all the women and men who plow through, never wavering, in their dedication to the task at hand. If you know such a person, offer them the human equivalent of a good belly rub to show your appreciation.

salamander facing camera

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Japan’s Hanzaki Giant Salamander Festival – Aug. 8

It seems entirely appropriate to give Andrias japonicus his own day of celebration each year. After all, the Japanese Giant Salamander is the second largest in the world of his species and is celebrated as a mystical deity in certain sectors of Japan. Measuring almost 5 feet in length and weighing up to 60 pounds, these hefty amphibians certainly demand respect.

panamanian golden frog sitting on a leaf

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Panama’s National Golden Frog Day – Aug. 14

This little fella is considered a treasure in his native country, where each year amphibian lovers work to raise awareness and conservation efforts to save the critically endangered Panamanian golden frog. In 2010, the National Assembly of Panama established National Golden Frog Day to celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of this striking animal.

white cat being examined by vet

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National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day – Aug. 22

If you haven’t already established a routine cycle of visits to the vet for your feline friend, now’s the time. As self-assured as our kitties can be, they still require regular checkups to make sure they’re at the top of their game. Visit our Find Your Vet page to search for a veterinarian in your area.


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