Check Out the Duds on These Critters

At first glance these quirky cardboard hangers from Urban Outfitters may be a little odd, but we took a second look and think they're pretty cute. These weird hangers would make a great gift and will definitely add some flair to any animal lover's closet. And why stop there? Sure to grab attention, we wouldn't relegate them to the closet. Add the right garment and hang it on the wall for an artistic flair.

Pets wearing clothes has become pretty popular, so Urban took it to the next level and is letting these cute animals wear your clothes.

For $12.99 you get one oversized cardboard hanger topped with a painted animal print. Other than the adorable Bulldog, the choices include a black cat, a black Labrador, gray tabby kitten, and a very fashionable sly fox.

All of the options were made in the USA.


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