Christmas Cats Is Must-See TV

Christmas Cats TV
Credit: Christmas Cats TV

The major networks might be trotting out their holiday specials, sucking us in with old classics and delighting our sugar plum senses with new favorites. But don't even try to tempt us until Saturday, because today and tomorrow, it's all about Christmas Cats TV. This interactive, livestream show is running for three days only (yesterday, today and tomorrow) and features Christmas music, a quirky grandmother-type cat lady, an elf, an over-the-top Christmas setting, and, best of all, loads of playful, adorable, adoptable cats from North Shore Animal League America.

We'll admit, at first glance, we had questions. Who is this wacky grandma? Where are the litterboxes? Why does this Luther Vandross Christmas song paired with this live stream make me feel so... weird? But eventually, you will succumb to the holiday cheer Christmas Cats TV provides in spades. You'll spend the rest of the day glued to your computer screen, laughing at the cats popping out from behind the tree, batting at Granny's knitting yarn and, you know, wearing Christmas sweaters. Even the Grinch would find himself grinning within 90 seconds, guaranteed.

So go ahead, click over and enjoy the music, the scenery, and the kitties. You can read comments and leave your own as well as click on the cat graphic to see pictures and learn the names of all the kitties starring in the live stream! Don't worry, your holiday shopping can totally wait until Saturday.

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