Comfort Dog Gets His Own Comfort

Even a dog who’s trained to lend a paw to people who are suffering could sometimes use a little comforting himself. Workers in Oklahoma gave Moses the Comfort Dog his very own Golden Retriever stuffed animal to snuggle with while taking breaks from visiting with the victims of the devastating May 20 tornado.

“How thoughtful, I love it!” Moses posted on his Facebook page, along with a photo of him with his “puppy.” Less than 2 years old himself, Moses visited Oklahoma from his home at the Christ Lutheran Church in Nebraska.

Oklahoma is the most recent place the K-9 Parish Comfort Dogs have visited to help residents heal from a disaster. A team of nine dogs from four states visited Moore, Okla., in the days after the storm there.

In recent months, the Golden Retrievers, who are trained by the Lutheran Church Charities in Illinois, have also traveled to Boston after the April bombing at the finish line of the Marathon, and to Newtown, Conn., in the aftermath of the tragic school shooting there.

Find out how to help animals displaced by the Oklahoma tornado here.


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