Comfort Dog Helps Nervous Kids at the Dentist

They’ve traveled all over the country, from the Sandy Hook shootings to the Boston Marathon bombings, as well as the scenes of many natural disasters. Now, 6-year-old Jo Jo the Comfort Dog is helping to ease the fears of young patients at a dental clinic in Illinois. The Golden Retriever, who was among the dogs who visited Sandy Hook in 2012, will lie in a child’s lap during dental procedures, helping relieve their stress by allowing them to hold her paw or pet her soft fur. Jo Jo’s handler, Lynne Ryan, is a dental assistant at Pediatric Dentistry of Northbrook, and it was her idea to have her dog visit the office once a month. “We take her wherever people need comfort," Ryan said. "It’s kind of like having a big stuffed animal in the office." — See photos at ABC News


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