Conan O'Brien Brings Back "Puppy Conan," Hosting Tall Guests on a Tiny Set

Conan O'Brien has taken his show's puppy-inspired antics to a new level.

After the Discovery Channel aired its Puppy Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday in February, the comedian introduced a recurring segment called "Puppy Conan," starring puppies dressed as the comedian and his sidekick, Andy.

The skit took place on a puppy-sized set, with a tiny table, couch and chair.

"I love this set. What I want to do is an entire show on this set some night," Conan declared, soliciting laughter from the audience. "We gotta do that!"

He made good on his promise on Tuesday — and even brought back the puppies in their signature wigs. Several exceptionally tall guests made appearances, including Shaquille O’Neal and Community's Joel McHale.


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