Creative Elephant Paints Works of Art for Charity

Here's one painting that needs to be in your distinguished art collection. The artist: a 14-year-old Asian elephant named Karishma.

The pachyderm painter, who resides at the ZSL Whipsnade Zoo in England, is auctioning off her latest work of art to raise funds for elephant conservation projects. It's a large wooden elephant that she decorated with brilliant splashes of color.

This is the first masterpiece that Karishma has put up on eBay, but we're sure it won't be the last. Bidding began Nov. 16 and continues through Monday.

“Karishma really enjoys painting, and she’s very talented at it," says keeper Elizabeth Becker. "It demonstrates just how dexterous elephants’ trunks really are, and we think the end results are pretty amazing, if a little abstract!”

The money raised from Karishma's auction will help protect Asian elephants, an endangered species that only has 1,500 members remaining in the wild. According to the zoo, the species is more closely related to the extinct woolly mammoth than it is to the African elephant.


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