Cross-Eyed Cat Loves to Wear Quirky Costumes

Spangles the Cat
Courtesy of Mary Buchanan

He was born on the Fourth of July, but we're guessing Spangles' favorite holiday is Halloween. The feline sensation has taken the Web by storm, with 20,000 Facebook fans anxiously awaiting his next costume choice. The 3-year-old cat was born cross-eyed but can see perfectly fine, according to his owner, Mary Buchanan of South Carolina. She shoots pictures of Spangles dressed up (as a dinosaur, reindeer and more), and posts them on his Facebook page. It all started with one striped costume.

"I saw a tiger hat at Petsmart and thought it would look so cute," she says. "So I bought it and put it on him. He loved it!"

The rest, as they say, is history. Buchanan admits she's a bit surprised by how famous her feline has become — but luckily, the limelight hasn't interrupted his daily routine. Says Buchanan: "He's being as lazy as ever."


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