Cross Stitch Your Pet Into Your Family Portrait

Credit: Uncommon Goods

It can be... trying, to say the least, to get your pet to sit still for a family portrait. And when you throw a child into the mix, it only gets harder. The number of shots it takes to get everyone smiling, looking at the camera and not flailing around may or may not be the number of shots it takes to drive the family photographer absolutely nuts. Happily, we've found a creative (and supercute) solution: a custom cross stitch portrait! The Custom Cross Stitch People Portrait from Uncommon Goods offers several options, including a couple only, a couple with one or two pets, a couple with one or two children, and a couple, one child and a pet. There's a simple form to fill out for personalization, but you also have the option to send in photos of the subjects you want in the portrait to give the artist a better feel for your family's vibe.

Anybody else wishing they'd perfected the art of this hobby back in the eighties when it was popular the first time? Yep. Us too.

Custom Cross Stitch People Portrait, $175-$225 at Uncommon Goods.

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