Curious Cub Ready for Quiet Visitors

Snow leopard cub at Denver Zoo
Denver Zoo
Misha cuddles with her mom, Natasha.

Misha is one lucky baby snow leopard.

As the only cub in her litter, she gets all the milk she wants from mom Natasha — and all of mom’s attention.

At age 12, Natasha is an experienced mom who’s given birth three other times. She’s been putting her skills to work and watching closely as her little one learns to climb and pounce.

Misha is the first cub for her dad, Himal.

Last month, the cub, who was born on May 13, began accepting visitors at the Denver Zoo’s feline building — as long as they are quiet and respectful, to allow Misha to adapt to the attention.

When she first made her debut in early July, Misha weighed in at about 5 pounds. Her keepers expect her to get to about 75 pounds when she’s an adult.


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