Cute Critter Cases for the iPhone 5

Sure, the iPhone 5 is the tech equivalent of man's best friend, but all it takes is one bad drop or accidental soaking and your phone becomes about as useful as a broken watch. Let's not even talk about the cost of replacing a mobile device.

The first line of defense against cracks, screen scratches, and other phone bumps and bruises is a sturdy case. We crawled the web to find some protective (and some not-so-protective but still totally cute) accessories for any animal lover. Just be warned: You might want more than one.

  1. The Case Mate Creatures Collection comes in a variety of styles, but our favorite is by far Waddler, the precious penguin that will add some panache to your phone. The Waddler case is available at Case Mate for $30.
  2. These silicone sleeves are both chic and super sweet, plus they'll satisfy your inner child with their cartoonish quality. Made by Griffin, the Animals on Parade collection comes in koala, elephant, monkey and tiger styles. The Animals on Parade cases are available at Griffin for $19.99.
  3. Show off your casual attitude with this hilarious hard case, based on the never-not-funny honey badger meme. The Honey Badger case is available at Zazzle for $39.95.
  4. This crochet sleeve is just a hoot. Australian crafter Kylie Bowers will custom-knit your case with your color preference. The owl sleeve is available at Etsy for $18.
  5. This chic cheetah-print hard case is spot-on. Plus, it has the benefit of a dual layer of protection, perfect for keeping your phone safe and stylish. The Sonix cheetah case is available for $34.99 at Amazon.

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