Cute Pet of the Week, January 27, 2012

Our No. 1 Cute Pet of the Week is Sewie, a Mixed Breed kitten. His owner told us Sewie is a nickname for Sewer Cat because he was rescued from a sewer. She also told us this little darling has three dog siblings and he plays well with them all.

Cute Pet of the Week January 27, 2012
Annette Brownworth via Facebook

Name: Sewie (short for Sewer Cat) Location: Fort Mitchell, Ala.

Age (in pic): 6 weeks

Breed: Mixed Breed

Likes: He loves to play, wrestle, with his doggie sister, a Miniature Pinscher.

Dislikes: He dislikes a showers.

Weird Quirks: Sewie growls like a dog (very loudly) when one of his sibling dogs try to take a toy from him. He also has a shoulder fetish. He loves to sit on his owner's shoulders no matter what she's doing -- homework or housework -- he really doesn't care.

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