Cute Photo Booth Pictures Help Utah Shelter Dogs Find Homes

Say cheese! The Humane Society of Utah has had lots of success getting dogs adopted recently, thanks to some cute photo booth-style shots of its residents.

In the photos, dogs who have had hard times finding forever homes show off their personalities (which can be adorably goofy). Then the shelter posts the pictures on its Instagram and Facebook pages. Not surprisingly, they’ve quickly been shared, reports.

Guinnevere Shuster, the social media manager and photographer for the Humane Society, came up with the fun idea — and she says it’s working. The shelter has seen a higher adoption rate for the dogs whose photos they’ve posted. (Sherlock, the Coonhound, pictured above was adopted last week.)

"We've had some where we've posted the pictures at 8 p.m. the night before, and the next morning there are four or five families interested," Shuster tells Today. She said she’s also hoping that people in other parts of the country who see the photos might be inspired to adopt an animal from their own local shelter.

Just one more: Maxi (below) was also successfully adopted after these pictures were published earlier this year!

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