Delta Airlines Searches for Missing Dog

Frank Romano says Delta Airlines lost his dog while the pooch was being boarded onto a flight from Los Angeles to Tampa, Florida. The search for Ty, a 6-year-old Pit Bull, is now in its second week. Romano adopted the dog last year while he was battling homelessness and moving from motel to motel. He and his family are moving to Tampa in the hopes of finding more work. He says that while they were seated on board the Delta flight on Oct. 31, a flight attendant told them that the dog had been missing for an hour. They got off the plane and helped officials search the airport but couldn’t find Ty. The next day, they reluctantly got on another flight to Tampa, leaving the search in the airline’s hands. "Delta continues to investigate what happened but early indications show procedures were followed and the dog may have compromised the kennel on its own," the airline said in a statement to the New York Daily News. "It's been very depressing, very upsetting. I've been crying. I've been angry," Romano told CBS Los Angeles. "I just want my dog back. He's my best friend, that dog." — Read it at the New York Daily News

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