Disabled Duck Waddles on Custom-Made Foot

Quacking with excitement, Buttercup the duck was off and running within minutes of being fitted with a prosthetic foot.

The duck, who lives at the Feathered Angels Water Fowl Sanctuary in Tennessee, was born in a high school biology lab with a backwards left foot, reported USA Today. He was given to Mike Garey, who is one of the sanctuary’s founders.

In February, a veterinarian amputated Buttercup’s deformed foot while his owner started investigating how to create a prosthetic for him.

Nashville’s NovaCopy donated the more than 13 hours of an engineer’s time to create a 3-D print of a digital model for a webbed foot that Garey developed. And last weekend, Garey used the print to pour the mold for the bright red foot.

When he put it on Buttercup on Sunday night, he was shocked at how quickly the domestic white duck took off on it.

"I was pretty much overcome with emotion. It was so thrilling," Garey said. "I was happy it worked, but I was so much more happy for Buttercup. You could tell he was so comfortable."


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