DIY Halloween Animal Headbands for Kids and Adults

Mouse Ears

  • Gray felt
  • Light pink felt
  • Thin gray headband

How to Make the Mouse Headband

Photo by Jenn Andrlik

Step 1

Cut four circles out of the gray felt; trim one edge of each circle so it is flat. Cut two slightly smaller circles from the pink felt. These should also have one flat edge each.

Photo by Jenn Andrlik

Step 2

Glue the two pink circles onto two of the gray circles. 

Photo by Jenn Andrlik

Step 3

Glue one of the gray circles without the pink to the back of one of the gray circles with the pink. Leave the bottom edges unglued. Repeat with the remaining loose circles.

Tip: You want the ears to stand up straight when you're wearing the headband; gluing three layers of fabric together makes them stiffer.

Photo by Jenn Andrlik

Step 4

Take the headband and sandwich it between the two unglued flaps of one ear. The ear should be slightly off center on the headband. Glue the open flaps to the headband and hold until dry. Repeat on the other side with the second ear.


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