DIY Halloween Animal Headbands for Kids and Adults

Dog With Spots

  • Dark brown felt
  • Light brown felt
  • Thin brown headband

How to Make the Dog Headband

Photo by Jenn Andrlik

Step 1

Cut two dangly ears from the dark brown felt. These can be any shape you want and do not have to be exactly the same. We made ours slightly smaller at the top and larger at the bottom, so they look almost like bowling pins. Each ear measured about 8 inches long. Cut spots out of the light brown felt; these can be any size or shape you want. Arrange them on the darker ears to make sure they fit and look the way you want.

Photo by Jenn Andrlik

Step 2

Glue the spots to the ears.

Photo by Jenn Andrlik

Step 3

Glue one ear to each side of the headband so they hang down over your actual ears. 

Tip: Experiment with other color combinations (black and white, for example) to make ears for different breeds of dogs. 


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