Dog Art Today — A Site for Fine Art and Fine Pups

The notion of canines on canvas may bring to mind 19th-century paintings of hunting scenes and other pastoral pursuits, but dog-like creatures have been popping up in art since the time of Paleolithic cave doodles. To get an idea of just how popular the humble dog has been with artists over the centuries, check out Dog Art Today, a site devoted to man’s long-time best friend depicted in art.

Run by Moira McLaughlin — and billing itself as “a place where we have fun taking dog art seriously” — Dog Art Today is the kind of site where you can settle in and browse for hours.

From prehistoric times to the 21st century, McLaughlin neatly organizes images with short posts on the topic at hand, including some more obscure categories, like dog art tattoos and pup-themed images that are popping up on wine labels.

Representations of dogs in music, film and politics are covered — along with celebrated relationships between artists and their canine muses, like David Hockney’s love for his Dachshunds (and frequent subjects), Stanley and Boodgie.

Like a free-running Beagle in a big field, Dog Art Today isn’t just confined to the site, either — there’s a Twitter feed, Pinterest boards and, of course, a Facebook page.

And if the site’s many treasures inspire the desire to invest in some works of your own, you’re covered. The site also spotlights places to buy canine-themed photography — and portrait-painting services to get your own pooch immortalized in art.

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