Dog Helps With Marriage Proposal

My humans are ENGAGED!

Jack has a talent for balancing — and a nose for romance.

Earlier this year, the 3-year-old Australian Cattle Dog made the rounds on the Internet with photos of him balancing all kinds of things on his nose and head, including books, a stack of cookies and even an egg, reports the Huffington Post.

So, when owner Trey Doig decided to propose to Nicole Lee, he knew the perfect way to do it: By placing the vintage-looking ring on the dog’s nose, of course!

Then, Jack shared the evidence: "Hey Reddit, I'm Jack the dog who balanced household items on his head. My humans got ENGAGED this past weekend and I helped!!"

Now, we don’t actually advise you let your own dog balance something so small, valuable and, well, inedible, on his nose. But, we do advocate for pet-related proposals! Earlier this year, we shared the story of Ryan Bently, who adopted a kitten to help him pop the question. (His girlfriend said yes, naturally.)

And don’t forget that you can always honor your favorite animal lover with Mervis Diamond Importers’ paw print engagement ring! Paw-fect!


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