Dog Training 101: Essential Tools You'll Need

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Training carryall. Consider designating a bag or storage container to hold your dog’s training equipment; this makes it easily accessible and readily transportable. Include a collapsible water bowl, treats, toys, portable bedding and comfort items for outings.

Toys. Play and toys are excellent rewards to use for playful canines in training. The best types of toys depend upon what’s interesting to your specific canine. Keep his favorites on hand as rewards for a job well done.

Treat bag. Training pouches provide a simple way to keep treats on hand to immediately reward your dog when desired behavior occurs. Treat pouches vary in size and attachment style, and may be made with neoprene or other easy-clean materials. Some pouches have extra pockets with zippers and Velcro to contain other essentials, like cleanup bags and your keys and cellphone. In a pinch, a fanny pack or vest with extra pockets can work as a wearable treat holder.

Food puzzles. Food puzzles provide your dog with physical and mental exercise, which can help deter unwanted behaviors. They can also help your dog learn to relax and settle when he’s in his spot or crate.

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